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ideyaLabs technological advances are facilitating a range of prosperous digital content material throughout more than one platforms. This in flip is substantially contributing closer to the proliferation of a variety of interactive TV functions and services, developing demand for superior and sturdy Set Top Boxes (STBs), OTT Client Devices.

The market want for most reliable STBs requires the systems to be entirely assessed with giant check insurance the use of complete measurements.

We provide complete STB trying out offerings throughout IPTV, VOIP, Triple Play, Quad Play over converged subsequent technology networks.

STB Testing Services

Our STB checking out offerings are centered on enhancing all phases of the improvement lifecycle: design, development, testing, validation, verification and product assurance. Using one of a kind take a look at tools, we optimize the trying out effort and grant the nice answer in brand new world marketplace.

We have the knowledge in check case development, purposeful / element trying out for a number STB factors at software / middleware level, gadget testing, regression / sanity testing, acceptance testing, stress / overall performance trying out and load evaluation testing. We have constructed a take a look at repository with 2500+ take a look at instances to check 80-90% of the STB performance alongside with an utility check automation framework which can be used for any STB application.

Functional Testing
  • Interactive Services - VOD and Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • PPVI, Show Case and Active Rentals
  • PVR / DVR, Networked DVR, Scheduling and Optional Recording
  • Widget and App store, Ad Display
  • Audio, Video Display Performance
  • Hard Drive Management, HD Output
  • Setup and Preferences. Profile Manager. Diagnostics
  • Parental Control Testing, Home Surveillance Systems
Performance Testing
  • Audio — Video Signal Quality Testing
  • Frequency Response, Bit Rates
  • Blocking. Jitter, Noise. Out of Sequence Packet
  • MOS & PESQ
  • Stability and Stress Testing
  • Join / Leave Latency, Channel Zap Delay
  • Packets Loss, Error Tolerance. Channel Overlap
  • MTBF. MDI/DF Matrices. Up / Down Stream
  • Load Testing
Service Assurance Testing
  • Infrastructure Quality Testing
  • Content Quality Testing
  • Customer Experience Quality Testing
Security Testing
  • DRM Implementation Testing
  • DRM Agent Testing
Interoperability & Integration Testing
  • Middleware
  • VOD Server, Encoder Platform
  • Hardware Interfaces, CAS Interfaces
  • OSS / GSS Integration
  • Content Management Server, Streaming Server
Field Testing
  • Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Testing
  • Multicasting and Bandwidth Testing
  • Access Network Testing
Per-Certification Testing
  • OCAP: Tru2Way
Success Story: STB Diagnostic Testing
Business Scope
  • With the enlargement of interactive offerings of STB from one technology to subsequent has more suitable the information quality. Customer expectations have constantly headquartered on pleasant of output from SD/HD interfaces. The fine of content material has elevated with a vary of equipment reachable to make certain great assurance.
  • Test utility ensured much less overhead and speeds up time-to-market.
  • Provided easy / operator pleasant GUI with all viable visible displays.
  • Reduced danger of guide trying out mistakes as giant range of parameters want to be characterized.
  • Reduced operational charges and ensured accuracy.
Project Description
  • Proposed to increase diagnostic purposes / equipment with the goal of handing over high first-rate STB product via prognosis and assurance testing.
  • Testing of whole bootloader, MPEG locking, transmission loss parameters, aimed at accuracy of nice in reception.
  • Repetitive and bulk checking out to make certain great product.
Tools & Technology
  • Platforms: Windows CE, check framework,VB.
  • Defect administration device — Clear Quest.
  • Debugging equipment like Stream Analyser.
Our Philosophy

We undertake End-to-End accountability for all mission deliverables and leverage our journey to power sustainable aggressive advantage. We enhance fine that ensures stronger consumer delight and decreased renovation costs.

Why Choose ideyaLabs?
  • 15+ years of ride in imparting engineering options to main gamers in the industry.
  • Dedicated Product Engineering Services (PES) practice.
  • Skilled engineers with knowledge in software, electronics and mechanical engineering and enterprise particular knowledge.
  • Trusted accomplice to main telecom / cable operators and OEMs Well mounted strategies and methodologies.
  • Flexible engagement fashions with onsite-offshore teams.