It’s Automation, Not Automagical


Diversified digital TV requirements throughout geographies coupled with a range of audio and video codecs create tremendous challenges for Set Top Box (STB) producers in developing, integrating, checking out and launching STBs for unique digital TV services.

Leveraging our STB Test Automation Framework, we assist you enhance STB fantastic and utility checking out whilst lowering the want for time consuming, high-priced and error-prone guide testing.

Test Automation Framework

Application / Middleware

Application / Middleware
  • STB software and middleware performance trying out with eventualities like UI validation, menu navigations, settings, overall performance and stress assessments are carried out.
  • Multiple STBs can be examined in parallel.
  • Framework helps in growing the take a look at insurance and in flip saves time and value for the take a look at execution and helps in reaching an correct system.

Digital Signage

  • Audio/video purposeful assessments for one-of-a-kind QoE parameters like lip sync, macroblocks, distortions, dropped frames, coloration depth & exclusive AV analog / digital interfaces, composite, S-Video, S/PDIF and Dolby Plus can be automatic quickly.
  • FFramework is used to circulate & AV verification at encoder as properly as decoder level.
  • Framework affords handy way to take a look at a couple of STBs / SOCs in parallel.
Test Automation Strategy

Phase - 1 : Discovery

  • Understand Current Automation Process
  • Identify Gaps
  • Prioritize and Develop Roadmaps
  • PVR

Phase - 2 : Definition

  • Prepare Base Model
  • Identify Gaps
  • Helps in Current System, Infrastructure and methods

Phase - 3 : Development

  • Identify Key Component
  • Develop Scripts
  • Identify Component to Test
  • Documentation Approach

Phase - 4 : Verification

  • Independent Verification
  • Result
  • Robustness
  • Hospitality
  • Government
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Content Scheduling
  • Content Management
  • Content Distribution
  • Playing saved media & Recorded video data
Our Philosophy

We undertake End-to-End duty for all assignment deliverables and leverage our experience to force sustainable aggressive advantage. We enhance best that ensures more advantageous patron delight and decreased upkeep costs.

Why Choose ideyaLabs?
  • 15+ years of journey in offering engineering options to main gamers in the industry.
  • Dedicated Product Engineering Services (PES) practice.
  • Skilled engineers with understanding in software, electronics and mechanical engineering and enterprise unique knowledge.
  • Trusted companion to main telecom / cable operators and OEMs Well set up strategies and methodologies.
  • Flexible engagement fashions with onsite-offshore teams.